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**NEXT GIG**    The Crown, Billericay,  Sat 9th Nov,  9pm

Meet the band...

Bob Brooker

Bob Brooker (Drums)

Self-employed Chartered Surveyor and self-confessed cricket nut, Bob started playing the drums again after an absence of about twenty five years. His singing ability and sense of humour ensure he is allowed nowhere near a microphone. Ever.

Danielle Tebbutt

Danielle Tebbutt (Vocals)

34, SWF, FTA and GSOH. Says she won't use the band's social media for dating purposes. Sings, surfs, plays squash and likes to have songs sped up: try and keep up if you can!!

Derrek Smith

Del Smith (Guitar, vocals)

A chef by trade, Del is equally comfortable plucking strings or plucking fowl. Has threatened to provide Musical Meals in Minutes menus. Keep an eye on this site for tantalisingly tasty treats. Actually, don't.

Joe Boutell

Joe Boutell (Lead guitar)

Double award-winning research scientist Joe decided to return to playing in a band after reaching the final of a company talent contest. Met Del at the local rock school, and the rest is history. Or possibly science. Definitely not RE, though.

John Clements

John Clements (Bass)

A self employed painter and decorator, John assesses every venue we play in to see what work is required. His easy going manner means he remains unflappable at all times, and he can often be seen chuckling with Bob at the back (much to the consternation of his colleagues).